In-Depth: Fujifilm X100s

David Hobby tar oss gjennom hvordan Fujifilm X100s, et kamera som flere snakker om som "den nye Leica".

Essentially, what you have in the X100s is a tiny, super capable camera with fast, sharp glass that handles like a Leica M. The 16MP X-Trans chip is the best APS-sized chip I have seen—in skin tones, high ISO and sharpness. (They changed the distribution of the RGB pixels and lost the low-pass filter without getting moiré.) It is also insanely customizable. And silent.

Again, echoing Zack Arias here when I agree that Fuji is the new Leica. (UPDATE: Zack's review is now up.)

Strobist: In-Depth: The New Fujifilm X100s

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