Historien om Ricoh GR Digital

Som en del av markedsføringen av den nye GR Digital har Ricoh lagt ut en artikkel som forteller historien bak dette kameraet. GR Digital er den digitale arvtakeren til det svært høyt ansette Ricoh GR, som ble et propulært kompaktkamera blant profesjonelle fotografer på 1990-tallet.

... why are the words ?legend? and ?tradition? used to describe GR?

The answer to that question begins 10 years ago. Ricoh has been established as a highly respected and well-established camera manufacturer since pre-war times, when of course, the cameras being produced were all film cameras. As cameras grew in popularity in the post-war period, Ricoh established itself as a market leader with the ?Ricoh Flex III? (1950), and the many more distinguished models that followed. Then in 1996, Ricoh launched its new pocket-sized SLR camera, the ?GR1?, which despite its small size boasted the ability to take the same high quality pictures as a regular SLR camera. With the GR1 on the market, many photographers realized that thanks to this superb quality small camera, they need never miss another perfect photograph moment.

The GR1 is equipped with the ?GR lens? which is constructed of 7 aperture blades, has a wide angle of 28mm, F2.8*, high performance which surpasses that of SLR cameras, and achieves bright, crisp image quality even in the periphery. Even though the camera is loaded with 35mm film, it is constructed to a mere 26.5mm thickness, and it was this amazing thinness that made the GR1 the most talked about camera at that time. So much so that ?GR1? actually became a synonym for high quality compact cameras. Despite the fact that the GR1 was initially positioned as a ?sub-camera? to SLR cameras, the number of users that favored it as their main camera continued to increase, and photograph collections entitled ?Photographed with a GR1? began being published. ?GR? had evolved into a brand name.

Mer om historien bak GR DIGITAL.

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