My Pictures 3D

VicMan Software har annonsert My Pictures 3D, en skjermsparer som også er en spenennde måte å presentere digitale foto på.

Konseptet baserer seg på et virtuelt galleri, ikke ulikt den visuelle opplevelsen av et tredimensjonalt dataspill, med fotografier på veggene.

Programmet er freeware, men ekstra gallerier kan kjøpes for $9.95.

VicMan Software, Inc. announces the release of an exciting program that lets you view your photos in a virtual 3D gallery - My Pictures 3D 0.9

My Pictures 3D is a 2-in-1 product which offers much fun and enjoyment to anyone who has a collection of digital photographs. It is a program letting you watch your favorite photos wandering through a beautiful virtual 3D gallery. Besides, it can function as a screensaver running in the automatic mode.

With My Pictures 3D the visit to the gallery is most comfortable: you select pictures to be displayed and adjust the walker height and the walk speed.
Apart from viewing pictures from a distance, the program allows coming up to a picture and watching it in the full screen mode to enjoy the smallest details. In the freemove mode you can wander freely inside the virtual space. In the automatic mode the computer will guide you through the gallery.

My Pictures 3D does not only let you move through a virtual photo gallery in the manual mode, but it also represents the latest generation of screensavers. It is the most fun alternative to dull and monotonous standard screensavers like waterfalls or fish aquariums. It will never make you feel bored because photos can always be updated and galleries switched.

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