LCD-monitor med kontrast 1. million : 1

SIM2 har til nå vært mest kjent for å lage projektorer av høy kvalitet, for den mest betalingvillige delen av markedet. Det er derfor knyttet store forventninger til firmaets lansering av en ny type LCD-monitor om noen måneder.

SIM2 lover at den nye Solar Serien skal tilby et nærmest ubegrenset kontrastomfang, i alel fall bedre enn 1000000:1 - ytelser som kun svært få OLED-skjermer har vært i stand til å levere. 16 bits prosessering skal dessuten gjøre skjermene i stand til å gjengi 65,536 farger for hver fargekanal (RGB).

SIM2 oppnår dette ved å bruke en ny teknologi. levert av Dolby Vision teknologi, som styrer lysdioder bak selve LCD-skjermen. Hvert diode kan styres individuelt og man kan fullstendig slå av baklyset i de områdene som skal gjengis som helt sorte.

Pressemelding fra SIM2:

SIM2 Multimedia and Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) are proud to unveil the latest in high-dynamic-range (HDR)-enabled LCD flat-screen display technology featuring Dolby(R) Vision during the 2009 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Show, February 3-5 in Amsterdam. SIM2 plans to make the new SIM2 Solar Series available in the second quarter of calendar 2009.

SIM2's Solar Series includes a 47-inch LCD display utilizing Dolby Vision technology. Dolby Vision features a proprietary algorithm that manages LEDs behind the liquid crystal panel. Each LED is controlled individually in concert with the image on display. By selectively turning off the backlight behind black areas in scenes, Dolby Vision allows those areas to become truly black. Dolby Vision also has the ability to selectively brighten the backlight behind bright areas, allowing them to truly radiate. SIM2’s Solar Series delivers outstanding contrast combined with crisp brightness for a picture quality that matches real-world visual perception of depth, detail, and color.

SIM2 worked in collaboration with Dolby for reference design and prototype development, while simultaneously designing the production models from the ground up. Using proprietary technologies, SIM2 created not only an unmatched reference quality display capable of delivering spectacular images, but one that leads the next generation of flat-panel displays.

About the Solar Series
The Solar Series display is able to handle 16-bit processing for HDR signals, producing an astounding 65,536 shades per color, smashing the number of colors (1,024) shown by the most advanced current displays. The new display renders smooth images that jump from the screen--the result is simply amazing compared to conventional displays.

The core of the system, the Back Light Unit (BLU) and Dolby Vision processing, enables the display to deliver astonishing picture quality, while maintaining the overall power efficiency of the system. What’s more, SIM2’s HD scaling and de-interlacing capabilities maintain purity under actual content-playback conditions, and do much to enhance the perceived quality of lesser formats.

SIM2 Solar Series Specs in Brief

  • Display: LCD panel and power LED BLU (2,206 high-power LEDs) plus HDR technology
  • Peak brightness: >4000 cd/m2
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Contrast ratio (full on/full off): Infinite (over 1000000:1)
  • Full 16-bit processing (65,536 shades per color) and widest range of displayable colors
  • Luminance uniformity: more than 95 percent through the LCD panel
  • White point: adjustable
  • Professional inputs, including HD-SDI
  • Silicon: Xilinx Virtex field programmable gate array (FPGA) chipsets

SIM2 and Dolby will unveil the revolutionary new Solar Series display in SIM2’s booth, 1L49 in Hall 1, during the 2009 ISE Show in Amsterdam.

Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements in this press release, including statements regarding the performance, features, and capabilities of Dolby HDR technologies and the SIM2 Solar Series; the potential benefits that may be derived from Dolby HDR technologies; the planned availability of the SIM2 Solar Series; and the delivery of dramatic improvements of LCD picture quality by Dolby’s HDR technologies are “forward-looking statements” that are subject to risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations. The following important factors, without limitation, could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements: risks that Dolby HDR technologies may not perform as anticipated or become commercially available as currently anticipated; risks associated with building market acceptance of and demand for Dolby HDR technologies by manufacturers, content creators, and audiences; competition risks for digital and video technologies; rapid changes in technical requirements for manufacturing technologies specifically, and entertainment technologies in general; risks associated with the health of the television industry in general; risks associated with developing, maintaining, and strengthening relationships with industry participants; and other risks detailed in Dolby’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings and reports, including the risks identified under the section captioned “Risk Factors” in its most recent Periodic Report on Form 10-Q or 10-K. Dolby disclaims any obligation to update information contained in these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.

About SIM2 Multimedia
SIM2 Multimedia is the leading provider of high-performance large screen systems (for control rooms, information, communication, and simulation) and professional projection systems for E-cinema applications, and worldwide leading manufacturer of award winning home theater products. Over the years, SIM2 has gained in reputation meeting the industry’s demands for new emerging technologies, offering high-quality and reliable products with the most innovative performances. Products are designed and manufactured in Italy. The company has a world-oriented marketing policy with a direct presence in Italy (headquarters), Germany, UK, China, and USA (sister companies) and in over 60 countries worldwide through qualified partners.

About Dolby Laboratories
Dolby Laboratories (NYSE:DLB) is the global leader in technologies that are essential elements in the best entertainment experiences. Founded in 1965 and best known for high-quality audio and surround sound, Dolby creates innovations that enrich entertainment at the movies, at home, or on the go. Visit for more information.