Test av programmer for støyreduksjon

Via Akam.no fant jeg Michael Almond Photography sine testsider for systemer for støyreduksjon. Listen omfatter 22 forskjellige programmer:

  1. ABSoft Neat Image
  2. Visual Infinity Grain Surgery
  3. Camera Bits Quantum Mechanic Pro
  4. The Imaging Factory Noise Reduction Pro
  5. PowerRetouche Noise Corrector
  6. AutoFX AutoEye 2
  7. Alien Skin Image Doctor
  8. Digital Secrets DeNoise ISO (Action)
  9. Digital Deluxe Toolbox (Action)
  10. E10 NR (Action)
  11. Fred Miranda Noise Reducer ISOx (Action)
  12. Media Chance DCE AutoEnhance
  13. Nik Multimedia DFine
  14. Fixer Labs NoiseFixer
  15. Noel's dSLR Tools (Action)
  16. iMAGING Concepts UltraISO (Action)
  17. SmarterNR
  18. PictureCode Noise Ninja
  19. Media Chance PureImage
  20. PictureCooler
  21. Imagenomic Noiseware Professional
  22. Kodak DIGITAL GEM Professional
Den gode Michael konkluderer som følger:
The latest versions of Noise Ninja and Neat Image just keep getting better, and newcomer Noiseware is close to them. Grain Surgery is now falling behind. Picture Cooler produced very good results too. Noise reduction techniques are obviously continuing to be improved upon. The other good news is that these tools are becoming available for Mac users too.

My recommendations are:

1. Noise Ninja
2. Neat Image
3. Picture Cooler (PC-only)
4. Noiseware
5. Grain Surgery

Noise Reduction Tool Comparison

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