Apollo 8 var den andre bemannede romferden i Apollo-programmet, og den første til å gå i bane rundt månen. Det gjorde det mulig å ta dette bildet, fotografert på julaften for 40 år siden, der Jorden stiger opp bak Månens horisont.

This is the first photograph taken of Earthrise taken by a human as he watched the event unfold. Interestingly, it is not the image that has become iconic over the years by virtue of the fact it is monochrome. Two colour photographs taken in a minute or so will become the images that are favourite of photo editors around the world. Note how close the Earth is to the lunar horizon. We are looking across the middle of Pasteur, a large degraded mini-basin at 224-km diameter. The lighting renders its rim invisible but the distinct crater in the central foreground is Pasteur G. A cluster of craters at the top of the frame are centred around Pasteur U.] (Kilde: Apollo Flight Journal)

Her er samtalen mellom astronautene i det bildene ble tatt:

075:47:30 Anders or Borman (onboard): Oh, my God! Look at that picture over there! Here's the Earth coming up. Wow, is that pretty!

075:47:37 Borman or Anders (onboard): Hey, don't take that, it's not scheduled.

[At this point, a photograph is taken on magazine E, loaded with black & white film. It seems evident that the person who took it was the same person who expressed astonishment at the view.]

075:47:39 Borman (onboard): [Laughter] You got a color film, Jim?

075:47:46 Anders (onboard): Hand me that roll of color quick, will you...

075:47:48 Lovell (onboard): Oh man, that's great!

075:47:50 Anders (onboard): ...Hurry. Quick.

075:47:54 Borman (onboard): Gee.

075:47:55 Lovell (onboard): It's down here?

075:47:56 Anders (onboard): Just grab me a color. That color exterior.

075:48:00 Lovell (onboard): [Garbled.]

075:48:01 Anders (onboard): Hurry up!

075:48:06 Borman (onboard): Got one?

075:48:08 Anders (onboard): Yeah, I'm looking for one.

075:48:10 Lovell (onboard): C 368.

[368 refers to film type, SO-368, which is essentially an Ektachrome-type transparency film manufactured by Kodak. Bill has found magazine B whose images will eventually get the prefix "AS08-14".]

075:48:11 Anders (onboard): Anything, quick.

075:48:13 Lovell (onboard): Here.

075:48:17 Anders (onboard): Well, I think we missed it.

075:48:31 Lovell (onboard): Hey, I got it right here!

Apollo 8 ble skutt opp den 21. desember 1968, og kom tilbake den 27. desember.

Apollo Flight Journal

Kilde: Wikipedia.