Mamiya DL28

Mamiya måtte selge kameradivisjonen for noen år siden, like etter at de hadde lansert Mamiya ZD, som den gang var en prisbombe. Nå lanserer de et nytt kamerasystem basert på deres 645AFD III kamerahus i kombinasjon med Leafs Aptus-II 6 digitale bakstykke.

Resultatet er et kamera som fint kan være med utenfor studioet, med 28 megapiksler fra en som måler MOS bildebrikke 44x33 mm. Mamiya DL28 byr på 16-bit fargedybde og et kontrastomfang på 12 EV. Prismessig plasserer Mamiya seg god over de dyreste dSLRene med fullformatbrikke, og er kanskje først og fremst et alternativ for de med mye kompatibel optikk i skuffen.

Mamiya DL28 lanseres i USA i november og vil koste 15.000 dollar.

Pressemelding fra Mamiya:

In medium format digital photography, price and performance are usually at opposite ends of the digital spectrum. Normally you have to pay more - a lot more - for better quality, performance and features, certainly for the latest technology. The new Mamiya DL28 Digital Camera System totally changes that way of thinking.

The Mamiya DL28 Digital Camera System offers professional features and benefits found in much more expensive cameras. For example, even though the DL28's resolution is an impressive 28 Megapixels, its large sensor allows a pixel size of 7.2 microns, producing images with unmatched richness and color accuracy, low noise, and striking highlight and shadow detail. Its 3.5-inch (diagonal) screen is the largest in the industry and offers a bright, high-contrast touch screen that is ideal for outdoor or indoor work.

The DL28 marries the professionally proven Mamiya camera system to the innovative 28 megapixel Aptus-II 6 Digital Back from Leaf - a system capable of unrivaled performance, image quality and value. The 645AFD III body has a new coreless motor for faster, more accurate autofocusing and an enhanced interface system that provides total communication between the camera, lens and digital back. The 645AFD III and Leaf Aptus-II 6 Digital Back work as an integral unit so you’ll never miss the action.

With 16-bit capture, 12 stop dynamic range and an ISO range of 50-800, the Mamiya DL28 is a full featured professional digital solution that allows photographers to focus on creating the image and not worrying about the technology. The 28 MP back provides raw files of 53Mb, and 16 bit TIFF files in excess of 159 Mb – ensuring that you’ll have the information needed for virtually any size reproduction.

Compact flash media storage makes it easy to shoot untethered on location or in the studio. You can also use the included firewire cable and Leaf Capture 11.2 software to shoot directly to your computer. And the latest Leaf Capture software allows other people - in the field or in the studio - to view your creativity on their iPhones as you continue shooting!

The Mamiya DL28 will be available November 2008. MAP price is $14,999.