Subal ND2 undervannshus tester Nikon D2X og undervannshuset Subal ND2.

Sjekk Subals nettsider for flere undervannshus.

In conclusion the Nikon D2X is a massively capable camera ? with strengths well suited to underwater photography. But (and I do not mean to sound patronising) the D2X is not the camera for everyone. It is expensive. It costs $5000. And if you fill it up with water it is worth $0. The Nikon D70, for example, can produce stunning A3 (18? by 12?) prints and even when cropped, D70 images are easily good enough for magazine covers. And it costs less than 15% of the price of the D2X.
Subal?s ND2 housing is excellent with superb ergonomics and attention to detail. But just like the camera many photographers choice of housing will be influenced by the gear that they already own. One thing going for the Subal is that it available right now!

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