Panasonic AG-AF100 / AF101

Svært interessant intervju med Panasonics amerikanske product manager, Jan Crittenden Livingston, som viser fram det kommende HD-videokameraet AF100, bygget opp omkring en Micro Four-Thirds bildebrikke:

The Panasonic AF101 (AF100 in the US), was the most talked about new camera at IBC2010 and could be Panasonic's HD DSLR killer. It will have the shallow depth of field, from its large sensor, people love with their DSLRs, but all the controls familiar to camcorder users (such as peaking, zebra and timecode), and Panasonic promises it won't have any of the aliasing problems we sometimes see from DSLRs. Panasonic US product manager, Jan Crittenden Livingston took the time to speak to us at length about the camera and all the features it will offer when it goes on sale in late December.

Panasonic AG-AF100 / AF101 - Panasonic GH1 & micro4/3 Community on Vimeo