Bordello - Vee Speers

Fotografen Vee Speers presenteres i siste nummer av Fotografi.

Serien "Bordello" finnes i form av en bok, samtidig som flere av bildene finnes på et nettsted der fotografen selv omtaler flere av bildene.

Today I live in Paris's hottest red-light district, the infamous Rue St. Denis, a densely populated and colourful area. By day, it's the Jewish rag trade, and at night the shoppers are replaced by the prostitutes and their clients.

I think what attracts me most about my neighbourhood, is the strange paradox between the Jewish rag-trade with all it's false-Chanel boutiques - and the sleaziness of the night trade, that resembles more a Pedro Almodovar film set than a Paris street scene. From my window I can see the girls waiting downstairs in the doorways, and it has always fascinated me how these women display their bodies up and down the street like gaudy trinkets in a second-hand shop.

So my idea to tell the story of Bordello came about from my environment, and using the 1920's as my inspiration, gave me a more poetic and nostalgic means to fabricate the stylised imagery. Indeed, my interpretation is an idealistic and romantic view, but nevertheless engages the viewer in more than a narcisstic meander through the mind?s desires. Clearly, although I created my own interpretation from historical references and old images, as well as shooting in real bordellos for authentic décor, I primarily wanted to use the idea as a gateway to something more profound - a kind of a visual celebration of the mystery of seduction.

The first question people usually ask when they see Bordello is - Are the girls real prostitutes? This pleases me, because in my images there is a definite hesitation between genuine emotion and something more staged - a shift between real and surreal. But where does the reality begin, and where does it end? Wearing masks, playing a role or real life - is this strange, theatrical world any stranger than the universe we call our own?

Bordello - Vee Speers

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