Sigma DP1

Sigma DP1 ser heldigvis ut til å innfri noen av de forventningene som en stor sensor medfører.

Sigma benytter sensorer fra Foveon, og har tidligere slitt med å få denne løsningen til å fungere tilferedstillende. Gledelig nok ser det ut til at der er kommet adskillig bedre i havn denne gangen, i alle fall tyder Photoreviews test på det.

Sigma's DP-1 is a revolutionary camera - and quite different from any other digital camera in the current marketplace. This, in part, accounts for its relatively high price tag and restricted feature set (prime lens, pared-down set of controls, limited video capabilities). It is not a camera for point-and-shoot photographers. Nor will it suit photographers who only shoot JPEGs and prefer not to become involved in subsequent editing.
But, if you are prepared to shoot raw files, convert them into 16-bit TIFF with the slightly quirky Sigma Photo Pro software and then work on them in a sophisticated image editor, the rewards are there in the form of images with an excellent dynamic range and rich, natural-looking colours.

We hope the DP-1 will be the first in a rapidly-increasing category of compact digital cameras with large-area sensors that will include cameras from other DSLR manufacturers. (Amateur Photographer in the UK has reported that the DP-2 and DP-3 are 'coming', one of them possibly with a zoom lens. There has also been speculation that one may have a 40mm f/2.0 prime lens. We'll probably have to wait for Photokina for confirmation.)

As a pioneer in a technically challenging arena, Sigma has done a great job with this camera by packing so much into such a small body. In the DP-1 it has produced a fascinating imaging tool that has potential to develop a cult following. Although it's not the ideal solution to a serious photographer's compact camera requirements, the DP-1 is a great start - and a credit to its manufacturer.

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