10 fotoverktøy for Firefox

Dersom du ikke har skaffet deg en skikkelig nettleser ennå er kanskje dette det som skal til for å laste ned Firefox:
  1. Fotofox: This is an all-around photograph uploader that supports several major online photo sites.

  2. AutoSlideshow: This is a pretty cool little extension that allows you to turn all the images on one web page into a slideshow.
  3. Image Zoom: With this extension, you can zoom in or out from any image, even resizing an image to easily fit your screen.

  4. FxIF:With this little puppy you can examine the Exchangeable Image File in any photograph that was taken by a camera which records it (most do).

  5. GMiF: This extension for Firefox embeds Google Maps into any page on Flickr, allowing you to see where a geotagged image was taken.

  6. PictureThis: Highlight any word on a page and this extension will pop up an image related to that word. PictureThis taps into Google Images for the photographs.

  7. Pix2Fone: Ever see a photograph on a web site that you’d love to use as wallpaper for your wireless phone? This extension can make that a pretty easy process.

  8. Gspace: One of the really great things about Google’s Gmail - and there are many great things - is the enormous amount of web space you get… for free.

  9. ShutterStockBar: I don’t sell to Shutterstock so I haven’t used this extension, but it looks great. Essentially it places the number of your current downloads from Shutterstock right in your status bar.

  10. Snipshot: This may be more useful to webmasters than us photographers, but the Snipshot Firefox extension offers pretty easy access to Snipshot’s online image editing software.
10 Best Firefox Extensions for Photographers

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