Pentax K10D

Pentax K10D har gjort et svært godt inntrykk blant norske testere, blant annet på grunn av en mengde brukervennlige finesser og spesifikasjoner i toppklasse: Forseglet kamerahus, 10 megapiksler, bildestabilisering også med eldre objektiver, automatisk støvfjerning.

Når prisen er godt under 10.000 kroner med standardzoomen (18-55 mm f/3,5-5,6) inkludert snakker man om godkjøp.

Imaging Resource har testet Pentax K10D og konkluderer blant annet med dette:

The Pentax K10D is unique. It's easily Pentax's most capable SLR yet. But it's not for everyone. Tuned for the advanced photographer, or anyone wanting to discover Photography's basics, the K10D has no true "easy" mode. You have to understand white balance to use the K10D well, even in Green mode, especially indoors; so I don't recommend this camera to novices. The indoor white balance issue was a bugaboo that I first found in the K100D, and it persists, apparently by design. The good news is that the Pentax K10D has an excellent method for adjusting white balance, if you take the time to use it. And the K10D produces stunning prints, good for 16x20 enlargements, and even ISO 1,600 images are good for 11x14 inch prints; quite a performance.

The K10D was thoughtfully designed with the photographer in mind, and it uses the advantages of digital technology to reach beyond the boundaries of long-accepted boundaries. ISO sensitivity is no longer locked to a roll of film, so Pentax decided to build two exposure modes around that fact. Most lenses have aperture settings that should be avoided, so they built the ability to avoid those settings into custom functions. Brilliant! Some of these exclusive features are good enough that K10D users might get forever locked into the Pentax system, and that certainly wouldn't be bad. Their impressive and broadening array of lenses will meet the need, and the K10D's backward compatibility goes back over fifty years with the use of adapters, so it's easy to get lost in Pentax's optical history.

Pentax K10D Digital Camera - Full Review - The Imaging Resource!

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