Enkel geotagging av foto

Flickr lanserte en ny tjeneste i går. I tillegg til at fotografier kan knyttes til tagger, tidspunkt, gis beskrivende tekst, og tilknyttes grupper, kan de nå geotagges på en enkel måte. det er laget et par screencaster som forklarer dette på en grei måte "how to geotag your own photos" og "searching and exploring geotagged photos".

Skjønt dette fungerer egentlig såpass intuitivt at det bare er å sette i gang :


Dersom du ikke allerede er i gang med å organisere dine egne bilder kan du sjekke ut hva andre har gjort før deg: flickr.com/map

Det går fort dette. Allerede den første dagen ble mer enn en million bilder geotagget.

Her er Flickrs beskrivelse av hvordan det hele fungerer
  • You can drag anywhere onto the map - a degree of "accuracy" is inferred by your current zoom level, so if you just want to show the city or general area a photo was taken, you can drag them on at a medium zoom level and those photos won't show up in odd places for people zoomed right down to street level.

  • In the upper right corner you can search for locations - city names, airport codes, US zipcodes and postal codes in several other countries, street addresses (US/Canada only for now, but more soon), many landmarks and points of interest worldwide, even names of neighborhoods in larger cities around the world.

  • You drag multiple photos at once for quick mass-geotagging. The drag-and-drop map tab in the Organizr looks like this:

Dragging a photo on to a map

  • Drag photos (or whole clusters) off the map to remove geo information.

  • Double-click a photo and click "location" in the editing dialog to set individual photo privacy.

  • You can view photos from a group, a single user, a specific set or a search term on a map. (Not all links will be enabled when we first launch, but you can append "/map" to many URLs to view the photos on a map.)

  • You can get a link to particular map search by clicking on "Link to this" in the bottom right corner of the map - cut and paste from the address bar if you want to put it in an email or blog it.

  • You can search by text/tag in a given area (e.g., architecture in Europ or chose from your groups or contacts to filter what appears on the map.

  • Photos load in "pages" of about 250 photo records per page. The results are clustered right in your browser and show up as pink dots of various sizes with a number that indicates how many photos there are in that location. Click on the dots to cruise through small versions of the photos. Expand or click on the center photo to see the larger version. Zoom in and the clusters will break up. They look like this:
    Photo clusters on a Flickr map

  • There are still a few small bugs were working on, including Safari support which broke just as we were preparing to launch: this will be back up later today. (And, of couse, more comprehensive maps and better location search are coming as soon as possible!)

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