Kommer Picasa omsider for Mac?

Googles gratis bildehåndteringsprogram har vært ventet for Mac gjennom hele 2008. Foreløpig uten at noe har skjedd. Nå tolkes imidlertid små drypp fra Google i retning av at noe kan være på gang i forbindelse med Macworld, om en liten uke.

At any given time, there will be plenty of Googlers at our booth available to answer questions about any Google software made for Mac or iPhone. Demo stations will be placed throughout the booth so that attendees can try out Google software on their own, and in many cases, talk to the people who helped create that software.

Additionally, there will be larger presentations in the booth each day covering specific topics in more depth. Our goal is to make these presentations as interactive as possible, so we are hoping for feedback from Macworld attendees in the booth on the topics they'd like to see discussed.

Official Google Mac Blog: One Week Until Macworld

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