Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd

Ballet startet med Olympus SP-550UZ, som var det første kameraet med innebygget 18X zoom. Nå kommer de andre kameramerkene etter, først Panasonic, så Fujifilm med FinePix S8000fd

Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd får en vidvinkelzoom med brennvidde som tilsvarer 27-486 mm f/2,8-4,5. Endelig kommer også Fujifilm med bildestabilisering, denne med bevegelig CCD. Bildebrikken med 8 Mp oppløsning måler 1/2,5" og er en Super CCD HR, Fujifilms egne bildebrikker med svært gode egenskaper. Brikken leverer inntil ISO 1600 (ISO 6400 ved 4 Mp).

Kameraet får ellers 58 MB internminne og kortspalter for xD/SD/SDHC kort.

Pressemelding fra Fujifilm Europe:

Fujifilm today announced the latest addition to its award-winning range of SLR-like cameras in the shape of the FinePix S8000fd. Like its popular predecessors the new camera features a stylish lightweight, compact yet sturdy body, but with a significantly boosted feature set, including a hugely versatile 18x optical zoom, CCD-shift image stabilisation, 8 megapixel resolution and Fujifilm’s ultra-fast Face Detection technology. A world of shooting opportunities The FinePix S8000fd’s 18x zoom lens is ready for every possible photographic challenge thrown at it, from landscapes and interiors to wildlife and sports action. Covering a range equivalent to 27- 486mm on a 35mm camera, the FinePix S8000fd’s zoom offers everything from true wide angle to extreme telephoto in a single compact unit.

The wide angle is perfect for large group shots and sweeping holiday landscapes; the long telephoto lens is capable of picking out a single face on a distant stage or playing field, offering an unparalleled range of creative opportunities without the need for add-on lenses or adapters.

Super sharp results throughout the zoom range
Photographs taken at very long telephoto settings - especially with a hand-held camera - present a real challenge and can often produce unsatisfactory results. The most common causes for lost shots are camera shake (which is magnified at longer focal lengths) and focus errors caused by the narrow depth of field. It can also be difficult to keep the camera steady enough to ensure the desired subject is in the centre of the frame when the shutter is pressed.

The FinePix S8000fd uses a combination of advanced technologies to ensure perfect results even at the longest telephoto settings - no matter how challenging the shooting conditions. CCD-shift image stabilisation helps combat the effects of camera shake, and high sensitivity settings of up to ISO 6400* keep shutter speeds high enough to avoid subject blur even in low light. Fujifilm’s Face Detection technology locks onto faces – even at the full 18x zoom setting - and tracks them as they move around the frame, optimising focus and exposure for perfect results even if you can’t hold the camera steady enough to keep the subject’s face in the middle of the frame.
* ISO 3200 and 6400 at 4MP setting only

Face Detection
Fujifilm's Face Detection technology was originally developed for the company\'s photofinishing division, where it was used for reproducing the fine detail in people\'s faces in print. Face Detection works by triangulating eyes and mouth, using an algorithm to optimise focus and exposure for up to ten faces in a single frame. A green square surrounds the face of the primary subject on the camera's LCD screen, whilst white squares identify up to nine other subjects. Movement tracking keeps the camera 'locked on' to its subjects until they move out of the picture. The technology works irrespective of the subject's position in the frame, and is not confused by spectacles.

Say goodbye to red-eye - for good
Red eye is the single biggest reason why the best portraits are ruined. The FinePix S8000fd uses Face Detection technology to find and instantly correct any red eye from every face in the frame as the shot is taken.

The system on the S8000fd will only correct redness in the pupil of the eye, not elsewhere in the picture, because the camera uses eye detection within face detection to find the pupil. While other cameras can sometimes convert lips or red jewellery to brown or blue, the S8000fd never gets it wrong.

The S8000fd features Fujifilm’s Intelligent Flash system, which controls power output to achieve natural foreground illumination with balanced background exposure – no more blown out over-white faces or completely black backgrounds. Natural light plus Flash mode takes two photos in quick succession - one with, and one without, flash. Both photos are then displayed side by side for quick comparison so users won’t miss the moment fiddling about with flash settings.

Real Photo Technology
Driving the FinePix S8000fd is Fujifilm’s unique Real Photo Technology (RPT). The guiding principles behind RPT are simple; to set the highest possible standards for overall image quality, to expand digital photography opportunities and to give users fewer wasted shots. RPT is an umbrella term for the combination of cutting edge technologies such as Face Detection, Real Photo Processor and Fujinon lens, all optimised to work together to produce the most natural, beautiful results in any conditions. As one of the largest imaging companies worldwide Fujifilm is in a position to develop and to manufacture these components themselves, and it is this control over the design of the entire system that makes RPT so powerful.

Real Photo Technology cameras are designed from the ground up to capture ‘real’ photographs with stunning quality - giving users the power to capture the moment exactly as the eye sees it, no matter how challenging the shooting conditions.

With the human eye as the ideal, RPT continues to evolve and to set even higher standards for digital photography.

Family Friendly
This unique combination of technologies and easy to use features make the S8000fd the ideal camera for the active family. Ultra fast shooting at up to 15 frames per second** makes it easy to keep up with the action and the large, bright, high-resolution screen makes framing – and sharing - your pictures a pleasure. The S8000fd also features a high resolution electronic colour viewfinder for those who prefer to use their camera at eye level. A large 58MB internal memory is complemented by a dual slot for xD-Picture Card and SD / SDHC memory card formats. Advanced power management technology allows the S8000fd to shoot up to 400 pictures on a single set of four (optional) Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (200 shots using non-rechargeable Alkalines).
**at up to 2MP

Special scene modes
The camera's 16 scene positions include beach, sports, night and fireworks for point-and-shoot simplicity even with difficult photographic subjects. For users wanting total creative control the S8000fd also offers Aperture and Shutter Priority and Manual exposure modes and a 1cm Super Macro function for extreme close ups.

FinePix S8000fd features at a glance
  • High powered 18x optical zoom with true wide-angle to telephoto 27-486mm (equivalent) range
  • CCD shift image stabilisation and ISO 6400* for blur-free results
  • Face Detection technology
  • 8 Megapixel CCD sensor
  • Compact, lightweight SLR-like design
  • High resolution colour electronic viewfinder and 2.5-inch LCD monitor
  • 16 scene modes plus full photographic control
  • AA batteries with up to 400 shots from one set of Ni-MH rechargeables
  • Dual slot offers choice of xD-Picture Card, SD and SDHC memory formats plus 58MB internal memory
  • Up to 15 frames per second high speed shooting**
* ISO 3200 and 6400 at 4 megapixel resolution only
** at 2 Megapixel setting

FinePix S8000fd is scheduled to be available from October 2007 onwards.

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