TIPA Awards 2006

Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) har kåret det de mener er de beste fotoproduktene for 2006: Canon EOS 5D anses som beste profesjonelle D-SLR, mens Nikon D200 vant klassen for "Expert D-SLR". Nikon fikk også prisen for beste D-SLR for amatører med D50. Olympus meldte seg også på med et speilreflekskamera ettersom Live View-funksjonen i Olympus E-330 ble kåret til årets beste innovasjon.

Blant kompaktkameraene finner vi Fujifilm FinePix F30, Canon Digital IXUS 65, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 og Samsung Digimax i6 PMP.

Best D-SLR Entry Level: NikonD50
Little sister of the popular Nikon D70, the 6.1 megapixel D50 gives amateurs the chance to shoot high-resolution images at a very low cost. The ergonomics are well thought out and no major feature or function is missing. In the field, the Nikon D50 gives a performance beyond that expected at this price point. The automatic exposure system compensates for highlights and shadows in difficult lighting conditions, the 5-point autofocus system locks on quickly to the subject, and continuous shooting is possible at up to 2.5 frames per second. When necessary, the seven Digital Vari-Program Modes help optimise the settings for the best results. The D50 is compatible with all the AF Nikkor lenses and accessories, which makes this model a serious starting point for digital SLR photography.

Best D-SLR Expert: Nikon

Though it?s less than 2000 euros, the Nikon D200 offers a resolution of 10 million pixels (3872 x 2592) with files of 32.78 x 21.95cm at 300 dpi. You can shoot with a sensitivity of up to ISO 400 and even 800 without too much concern about noise or colour shifts, while the camera?s 3D Color Matrix Metering II measures exposure superbly without blowing highlight detail. However, it?s the D200?s handling speed which really impresses: it?s up-and-running in just 0.15 seconds, and has a shutter lag of a mere 50 milliseconds. It offers 5 frames-persecond for at least 37 consecutive shots in Fine JPEG, and this stunning performance is supported by a new 11-area AF system that the photographer can select at will.

Best D-SLR Professional: Canon EOS 5D
The EOS 5D is the first digital camera that offers a full-frame, 24x36mm sensor at a realistic price, and there?s no compromise on image quality. With 12.8 million pixels available, there?s plenty
of resolution for huge prints, and they?re big pixels, too, which means lower noise and higher quality in the final image. Picture sharpness is excellent, and the high resolution and superb image processing means artefacts are rendered invisible. Moreover, the size of the sensor means that the actual focal lengths of Canon EF lenses are used, and with no ?crop factor? to swing the results, this
gives the angleof-view and the large viewfinder image that 35mm film photographers know and love.

Best Ultra Compact Digital Camera: Canon Digital Ixus 65
Featuring a high resolution 3 inch LCD screen, the steel-bodied Digital IXUS 65 draws on the original IXUS design concept to achieve a classically elegant styling. This innovative camera sports a unique Touch Control Dial, which can also be used to scroll through images during playback, while the useful Image Inspection Tool displays a newly-shot image and a magnified section at the same time. This allows you to check for sharpness quickly and easily. The Digital IXUS 65 incorporates ISO 800 to facilitate flash-free shooting indoors and minimise the effects of camera shake.

Best Compact Digital Camera: Fujifilm FinePix F30
The Fujifilm FinePix F30 Zoom is the world?s first digital
compact camera to deliver ISO 3200 sensitivity at full resolution. This means that it can give sharp images, even at night-time, or with fast-moving
subjects. Users are able to produce sharp images with minimal noise, no subject blurring and atmospheric lighting in dark conditions. In addition, the FinePix F30 Zoom has 15 new scene modes from underwater, beach and snow, to sunset, party and fireworks. These make it easier than ever for users to experiment with photography in a range of different lighting conditions.

Best Superzoom Digital Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 is the world?s smallest digital still camera with a 10x optical zoom, and this is made possible by the world?s first integrated retractable lens system with folded optics technology. The TZ1 allows unlimited consecutive shooting up to the capacity of the 13.4 MB built-in memory or the SD memory card. Panasonic has also equipped the TZ1 with its globally recognised Optical Image Stabiliser feature. O.I.S minimises the jitter from shaky hands that causes many photos to look blurred. Offering high quality image output, the TZ1?s new Venus Engine III also dramatically reduces noise levels even at increased ISO settings.

Best Multimedia Digital Camera: Samsung Digimax i6 PMP
The Samsung Digimax i6 is more than a digital camera; it?s a multimedia product. The Digimax i6 is only 18.5mm thick, and has an enhanced grip, using a unique curved design ensuring a steady shot when taking pictures. It has multimedia capabilities such as MP3 playback and the addition of a personal media player function. The user can even take pictures whilst listening to music. The i6 also has ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction). This unique algorithm reduces the effects of camera shake and helps the user take clear and natural pictures indoors or in dark conditions without using flash.

Best Prestige Camera: Ricoh GR Digital
Ricoh has a reputation of producing cameras that stand out from the crowd, and the Ricoh GR Digital is no exception. The Ricoh GR Digital has a very high quality 28mm (35mm film equivalent) lens, which can be used with an optional converter to cover an angle as wide as 21mm. The new GR Digital inherits the superb image quality that made the awardwinning GR Series of 35mm film cameras so popular, and the style and performance is distilled into a compact body just 25mm thick. With a high-quality feel and superb expandability, this is the perfect lightweight tool for professional photographers and advanced amateurs.

Best Imaging Innovation: Olympus E-330 Live View
Olympus reinforces its heritage as an innovative manufacturer with the E-330. It?s the first digital SLR camera with interchangeable
lenses to offer a tilting LCD monitor on the back along with an optical
viewfinder. Thanks to its Live View technology, this monitor allows
different viewing angles so that macro, overhead or waist-level
photography can be accomplished with ease and comfort. Moreover, the E-330 boasts the new 7.5 megapixel NMOS sensor and delivers crisp, vibrant images that make you question its amateur D-SLR status. Last but not least, the E-330 is compatible with a growing range of FourThirds lenses, which sport high quality optics specifically
designed for digital sensors.

Best Flatbed Photo Scanner: Epson Perfection V750 Pro
The new Epson Perfection V750 Pro is an excellent flatbed scanner for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts alike. It features a Dual Lens System for film scanning at a high resolution of 6400 dpi and
also allows reflective scanning at 4800 dpi. An optical density value of 4.0 fulfils the needs of professionals, and captures detail in the darkest of shadows. An anti-reflection coating applied to the lenses eliminates reflection and ghosting, while a high reflection mirror improves the quality of the scanned light to the sensor, resulting in faster scanning speeds. Offering all film formats up to 8x10 inch, it?s supplied with four film holders for 35mm film strips and slides, medium and large format film. Connections are built in for either USB 2.0 or Firewire interfaces, to ensuring a rapid data transfer.

Best A3 Photo Printer: HP Photosmart Pro B9180
The HP Photosmart Pro B9180 is an A3+ Photo Printer designed for professional photographers. With 8 individual pigmentbased HP Vivera Inks it achieves a high print capacity. Four HP 70 dual-colour printheads feature 8448 nozzles for precise, consistent drop placement and enhanced colour accuracy. According to HP, some prints resist fading for up to 200 years, which is a new benchmark in photography. The HP Pro print plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and ICC profiles in the printer software allow predictable and consistent colour quality. A dedicated raster image processor (RIP) software for professional colour management is also on offer for the B9180 as an optional extra.

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