OpenRAW - Survey 2006

Organisasjonen OpenRAW gjennomfører en undersøkelse hvor de ønsker å dokumentere hva brukerne faktisk vektlegger når de anskaffer og bruker et kamera, herunder hvilken betydning de mener RAW-formatet har.

OpenRAW forsøker å samle alle formater i ett universalt RAW-format. Åpenhet omkring formater er viktig, ikke minst for å sikre at du faktisk får tilgang til filene dine i fremtiden.

During the past several months, photographers have become increasingly aware of the actions of camera makers to conceal - and in some cases, to encrypt - information stored in RAW image files. These actions have raised concern about whether a trend toward more proprietary RAW image formats could lead to fewer choices of software to edit RAW files from new cameras. They have also shaken photographers' confidence that RAW files taken with older camera models will be supported in the future.

Although there are many photography forums where these topics are discussed, at present we know very little about the experiences, beliefs, and preferences of photographers concerning RAW imaging technology. To fill this gap, the non-profit advocacy group, OpenRAW, in cooperation with several communities of photographers, is conducting a worldwide survey to give photographers an opportunity to be heard. We appreciate your participation.

OpenRAW - RAW Survey 2006.