Camera tossing - kamerapælming på norsk

Pælm kameraet opp i lufta, sats på at en lyskilde i nærheten eksponerer et spennende mønster, ta imot kameraet før det faller i bakken, og vips ender du opp som dedikert kamerapælmer. Bortsett fra høy risiko og mange misslykkede bilder virker dette som god gammeldags moro.

Fine bilder blir det også (jmf. >>>).

Alle disse eksemplene finnes i artikkelen som introduserer "Camera tossing". Bildene er hentet fra Flickr hvor det finnes en mengde slike bilder, ved å klikke på dem kan du se større versjoner

Light Spirograph Effects (axis spin)

All night time camera tossing mostly in front of neon light sources. Style of throw was spinning on lens axis facing the subject.

60Htz in motion window in time complexity of the simple implied directionality

Linear effects (end over end)

Flipping the camera end over end where the lens sweeps a partial rotation or more.

rainbows, a study lost highway muahaha in the red #04

Intersecting Linear effects (chaotic throw)

Usually partially end over and but with some lop-sided aspect, maybe even some rotation mixed in. Generally a chaotic throw. The result is often the same light source streaking across the frame in different directions. Depending on exposure length this may happen several times.

drawing outside the lines neon screams opposite

Traversal effects

Some simple traversal and some with spin included. The camera moving across a subject has a wonderful ability to reveal texture if focus is spot on.

ss #01ss #49fruit loops #29 abstract seas

Short exposure and image warping...

My theory is that this is due to how the shutter or digital shutter intersects with the subject, when very fast spin is involved the combination yields a curve even if the subject was linear. This effect is separate from the motion blur that occurs. It also seems to vary greatly from camera to camera. These are the most pronounced examples...

Day Toss 19 Day Toss 18 I finally swung over the bar!fly island

Refresh rates and electrical cycle

Subjects that are electrical and use alternating current, or monitors that have certain refresh rates and scan lines, respectively reveal that property when camera motion is fast enough. Other types of camera motion or subject motion reveal this too, but it's one element that makes spirographic results so striking.

Even a camera-tossed clock tells the right time once a day.Blue Spin babylon DSCF6563

Simplicity and Structure of Toss

Simple subjects often reveal the structure of the toss. Pay close attention to your results and you can often picture how the camera was moving.

crescendo in the hue of blue #40 anatomy of a toss 1 untitled untitled

Generative Forms

Closely related to uniform spirographs, are the generative forms that appear as a subject overlaps itself one or more times during the motion of the camera. These are often quite striking and one of my favorite aspects of this technique.

ss #44 untitled convergence

Non-fluid anomolies

These are good examples of what happens when the exposure starts just before it leaves your hands. Some part of the image is not fluid and reveals the jumpy start.

untitled sign creature auroral vertebrate traces of reality

Leaving the flash on

We don't have too many examples of this, but the results are often amusing!

My first toss DinnerSpinner G & G

Camera tossing self portraits

Definitely one of the most enjoyable activities to undertake. And this is all about having fun!

Multishot toss gotcha!

Subtle color and texture via motion

If your environment has interesting texture or color, you can often achieve wonderfully muted light paintings.

PestoBrain Camera Toss an experiment in camera-tossing

Revealing texture through motion

When you start to really take this seriously, you can zero in on just the texture of a subject, and wonderfully reveal it through the motion of the camera. As with many examples, these are definitely worth viewing LARGE.

ss #52 ss #53 exhaust calligraphies #78

Les hele artikkelen: Camera Toss, Mini-HOWTO.

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